NIGHT OF 1000 STEVIES returns for a Nordic themed 32nd annual edition on May 4. NIGHT OF 1000 STEVIES 32: NORTHERN STAR is produced by show founders CHI CHI VALENTI and JOHNNY DYNELL and THE JACKIE FACTORY. 1000 STEVIES is the largest and most beloved STEVIE NICKS fan event in the world. NOTS is the Stevie Nicks celebration of your dreams – a riot of shawls, lace, twirling, tambourines and great performance. Back at home venue IRVING PLAZA, doors will open at 8 PM and shows begin at 9.


NORTHERN STAR was inspired by a trip our producers took to Sweden last June at the time of the famous celebration MIDSUMMER. Like the crowd at 1000 STEVIES, flower crowns, pagan gowns and joy were The Look. The Jackie Factory’s “Nordic Stevie Fantasy” will mix Goddess NICKS Magic with that of Norse Goddesses like FREYJA (pictured on our poster) and a bit of Game of Thrones. The show will feature performances along with the evening-length Stevie/Fleetwood dance floor. Other traditional rites will include our Tambourine Toss and Battle of 1000 Stevies.


Our bill is now complete for NOTS 32 including many Legends of “The Night.” NOTS fans will recognize audience favorites like Diva Songbird AMBER MARTIN and the extraordinary XAVIER SMITH. There are “Rock and Realness” Stevie/Lindsey duo MARYANNE PICCOLO and MIKE GREKO. Method Songstress BRIDGET BARKAN returns with her merry band DUSTY and SHANE. New Orleans based burlesque duo KITTEN + LOU are back along with Boston area chanteuse and witchy event producer NIKI LUPARELLI.

Gracing the stage are two dance performances from recent show stars ANGEL LINA (lead dancer RACHEL KLEIN THEATRE) and JMV, gifted choreographer and dancer. JMV made their NOTS debut dancing with SHERRY VINE and will continue the drag flame so important to NOTS. Crooner JOHNNY QUINLAN (No. Carolina) rounds out the returning stars.

On to the 2024 debuts! DOROTHY BISHOP is a “female female impersonator” who often interprets Stevie and an operatically trained soprano. New Orleans based British Burlesque star PINKY DEVILLE will repeat her recent NOTS NOLA triumph, and singer/songwriter TARA HACK solos after singing background vocals last year for IT WAS ROMANCE. Finally, trilingual (Sanskrit, Bengali and English) mantra singer EKAYANI will create her own unique take on a Stevie classic.

“Enchantresses of Ceremony” EDITRIX ABBY and PAUL ALEXANDER will assist show founder Valenti in keeping the white winged talent moving. The All-Stevie/All Fleetwood dance floor will be spun by longtime NOTS DJ SAMMY JO and special guest TOMMIE SUNSHINE.


Nordic Stevie Nicks Fantasy (Nordic Nicks) Viking Rockstar, Game Of Thrones Sorceress A La Stevie, Flower Crowns, Star Jewelry, Elven Enchantress, Top Hats With Antlers, Goddess Freyja Glamour, Night Sky Glittered Shawls, Midsummer Maypole Maiden Or Fleetwood Mac Forestcore (BYOT) Bring Your Own (Embellished) Tambourine – or catch one of ours!